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Awareness raising and advocacy for recognition of rights and contributions of Naga women

Strengthening the role of Naga Women in addressing challenges facing Naga Society

Capacity building for community empowerment, leadership and financial system management

Facilitation for institutional strengthening of Women’s Organizations and network building alliances

Establishment of Resource Training centre cum Production of Naga Crafts and Ornament

Establishment of database of women Experts/Leaders

Development, production and compilation of appropriate Training Manual for Grass-root Organizations and Communities

Strengthening and exercising indigenous rights over our land, territory and natural resources through capacity building trainings using UNDRIP mechanisms

Women Economic Empowerment

Preserving and promoting Naga indigenous culture and tradition

Strengthening the role of Naga Women in political participation and decision making

Strengthening the Participation and Engagement of Naga Women in the Society for Women Empowerment and Gender Equality

Providing assistance to underprivileged/marginalized women and orphans

Combating against domestic violence