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Naga Women's Union (NWU)

Naga Women’s union (NWU) is a mass-based indigenous women’s organization in Manipur, Northeast India, founded on 5th October 1994. The Union is committed to the cause of promoting and defending the rights and dignity of women including advocacy work on tribal issues and concerns. NWU comprises of 20 (twenty) Naga tribes’ Women Organizations and two district women's organization which are spread across Manipur...Read more

Our Vision:

A just, peaceful and sustainable Society.

Our Mission:

Empowering and strengthening Women for peace, justice, equality and revitalizing our relationship with nature, land and people.

It is with anticipation, as the President of Naga Women’s Union, that Iam looking forward to continuing with positive vibes and gains in the preservation of “Goodwill”. This calls a lot of minds and toils and your most active cooperation is gratifying. NWU proudly stands today with twenty different colours of tribes and dialects. We humbly acknowledge your love and support, We welcome all your touch and corresponding exposure.

Asha Wungam, President

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